Monday, May 28, 2012

Alaina Powell Pretends to Be Alive Susan Powell: Susan Cox Powell Case

The atrocity continues...

This is the same material that Alaina Powell posted on her propoganda site proclaiming her obviously guilty bother and father as still innocent. They are continuing to obstruct justice by propogating disinformation, and authorities need to do something to stop this continuing crime. Michael is the other one in the family who posted a website so horrendous and offensive it was deleted by Google. One possible reason why these two are refusing admit the obvious may be that they are also involved in the case.

Authorities need to establish that Susan was killed, who most likely killed her, and put a top to this continuing atrocity. It is bad enough Josh got away with the killing without authorities continuing to let others continue the lie without comment.

1 week ago

The Josh & Susan Powell Story - What Really Happened

Josh Powell is innocent. I left Josh Powell, now my boys are dead because of my parents (Chuck Cox & Judy Cox) feuding with the Powell's.
Truly yo...
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West Valley and Pierce County Malfeasance

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