Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alina Powell Releases Home Video of Susan

Alina Powell is still creeping us all out by covering up the crimes of her brother Josh and her father who all but certainly were involved together in the murder of Susan Powell. The Powell family needs to come clean and stop fighting a psychological disinformation war to paint Josh and Steven as victims of unjust persecution, and just own up to the crime and plead for forgiveness and mercy if they have any decency however.  

Law enforcement needs to focus on Steve as the only remaining person who likely knows what happened to Susan, and who evidence points to being a co-conspirator who should be charged and treated as a co-conspiritor in murder. The remaining Powell family needs to stop spreading lies and disinformation to cover up for Steve and Josh, or they should be treated as co-conspiritors as well for trying to mislead the public and authorities even if the law does not consider it a crime to do so. 

The whole case seems to be a textbook example of how the justice system is rigged to protect the obviously guilty, as in the case of OJ Simpson, Murder of Robert Eric Wone, and Air India 182. The system systemically refuses to discrminate between good and evil. The case of Susan should have been treated as a murder from day one, yet West Valley still refuses to call Josh Powell a suspect or declare Susan to be presumed dead or a murder case. 

This is the website with the new video: False Claims about Susan and Steve The videos seem to have been done by someone with more than a basic knowledge of how to edit and title video. Josh's previous disinformation site susanpowell.org did not look like this site, and had no video on it. If police removed all computers and video from Steve's house, then this video is offsite, and my guess is that backups were kept by Michael who is in Minnesota. 

I took at look at the website, though I wonder who is doing the website work since Josh and Steven are obviously unable to put up a website, which leaves Michael as the mostly likely family member who knows how to do websites. 

As an observer who is becoming increasingly familiar with the tragic characters and events, it was only when the e-mails were released that we heard Susan's voice in letters, and only now that Alina has released home video where we can see Susan while she was alive, speaking in her own voice, and yes, in moments when she is not terrified of her father in law, and also in song as we have known that Steve enlisted Susan in some of his recording sessions, though evidently songs with Susan have not been previously released. 

" Susan and Steve made beautiful music together; here are a couple of audio segments in which the two worked together on love songs written by Steve. Susan's voice can be heard singing along with Steve in these songs."

My Lydia.mp3

I Only Feel Love.mp3

Here are some of the videos posted by Alina, prefaced with propoganda to try to show it proves her father is a wonderful guy when he's not into porn, stalking or plotting to murder and hide the body of his daughter in law. 

Alina attacks the one sister Jennifer Graves who is not a puppet of father Steven, and the only one in the family that will admit publically Josh probably killed Susan. 

At the Park.mp4

She attacks Kiirsi Hellewell, says Josh said her husband was a good programmer, but still insists the search must go on for Susan who Alina still won't admit was murdered, and talks about anti-Josh sentiment like a terrorist propagandist complaining about anti-Arab sentiment.

By the Water.mp4

This one was aimed at Chuck and Judy Cox, they are boarding the Washington State Ferry at the Seattle ferry dock. Susan is evidently riding shotgun, Steven is driving, Josh in back on camcorder. 

Driving and Riding the Ferry.mp4

This one shows Steven on left, Susan on right with boys on shoulders under the viaduct on the Seattle waterfront, and in front of the Ivar's statue. We have only seen Susan's face in family photos, and we've never heard her voice before. 

Kids on their Shoulders.mp4

Such a horrible tragedy. This story needs to be written up in a book and a made-for-tv movie  so that everybody knows how to spot evil, and know what it looks like, and so we can all avoid our own worst-husband-in-the world moments long before it reaches such a dim ending. It is not too late for Steven's family to see the light and jump of the boat of darkness. I'm no great fan of Mormonism, but seems to me these folks jumped out from a relatively harmless religion straight into the hands of Satan.

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