Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fukushima Water Level Reactor Unit 1 Only 40 cm deep Not 2M

Fukushima Water Level Reactor Unit 1 Only 40 cm deep Not 2M 

Not good... Water level in Unit 1 is very low. This is the first one to melt down and blew out its top floor walls with a hydrogen explosion. Roof has collapsed onto fueling floor and destroyed fueling cranes and covered fuel pool.
23:18 22 May
Water inside Fukushima No. 1 reactor may be only 40 cm deep

TOKYO, May 22, Kyodo

An analysis by the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization has shown that the level of the water filling the crippled No. 1 reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi... estimated that the water in the primary containment vessel is only 40 centimeters deep. The utility known as TEPCO has estimated the water level to be about 1.9 meters...cooland water is leaking as a result of the accident at the plant. 

JNES has concluded that:

    There is a hole several centimeters in diameter on the pipe that connects the Containment Vessel and the Suppression Chamber;

    The location of the hole is about 40 centimeters from the concrete floor of the Containment Vessel.

    The injected water is leaking from the hole in great quantities.

    There is no water [in the Containment Vessel] above the hole.
Why It Is Not Possible To Flood The Containment

 red blob is corium, purple is water path, hole is in the downcomer pipe which is there to as a path for steam to travel down to the torus..

The downcomer pipe is stressed to hold steam, not water. As soon as they filled the containment with water to the top, it was bound to burst somewhere in the system. If they patch the hole, it will break elsewhere. Not possible to flood containment without leak because it was not designed to be flooded. You can only over-build only so much.

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