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Flames of War M113 "Gavin" ACAV Armoured Cavalry Assault Vehicle

I was surfing for M113 ACAV pictures, and I found this very cute / cool miniature made for wargaming with a very nice history. See the story that I used the picture in here

M113 ACAV (VBX07)

M113 ACAV (VBX07)M113 ACAV (VBX07) *link*
with four M113 ACAV, optional 40mm Grenade Launcher turret, Stowage sprue and Decal sheet.

The M113 ACAV (Armoured Cavalry Assault Vehicle) was developed by the 11th ‘Blackhorse’ Cavalry based on feedback from South Vietnamese units.

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They fitted an armoured tub for the commander and gun shields for two machine-guns on the sides, converting the M113 into a (rather large) tracked scout carrier.

Since the M114 armoured reconnaissance carrier it replaced only had three crew, the cavalry units had to scrounge extra crew for the bigger M113 ACAV until the official crew allocation eventually caught up.

Below: The decal sheet for the M113.Decal sheet
M113 ACAV (VBX07)
M113 ACAV (VBX07)M113 ACAV Specifications

Crew: 5
Weight: 10.9 tonnes
Length: 4.86m (15’ 11”)
Width: 2.69m (8’ 8”)
Height: 2.50m (8’ 2”)
Weapons: 1x M2HB .50 cal MG
(2000 rounds),
2x M60 .30 cal MG
(~5000 rounds)
Armour: 38mm (1.5”) Aluminium
Engine: GM 6V53 (212 hp)
Speed: 64 km/h (40 mph)
Ground Pressure: 0.53 kg/cm2 (7.6 psi)
Range: 480 km (300 miles)

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Mark Hazell
The M113 ACAV in Flames Of War Vietnam
M113 ACAVHalf-tracked210Amphibious, Wide tracks.
.50 cal MG16"/40cm345+ Hull mounted, ROF 1 if other weapons fire.
Two M60 MG 16"/40cm2 Side mounted, ROF1 if other weapons fire.
Jeff Brooks Demonstrates To Paint The M113 ACAV 
Jeff Brooks takes you through a basic painting and weathering scheme to produce M113's that are both easy to finish and look great on the table.

Visit the Flames Of War YouTube channel here..
M113 ACAV (VBX07)M113 ACAV (VBX07) 
M113 ACAV (VBX07)M113 ACAV (VBX07)
M113 ACAV (VBX07)M113 ACAV (VBX07)
M113 ACAV (VBX07)M113 ACAV (VBX07)
M113 ACAV (VBX07)

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