Monday, May 14, 2012

Paul Gunter: AntiNuclear Activist

Paul Gunter

Longtime anti-nuclear activist
Appears on Thom Hartmann, Corbett Report,  Russia Today, Democracy Now, Reuters, BeyondNuclear, IslamTimes, PressTV, PBS Newshour, enenews

Paul Gunter was a 2008 recipient of the Jane Bagley Lehman Award from Tides Foundation (George Soros) for his work on the nuclear power and climate change. He has appeared on NBC Nightly World NewsThe Lehrer News Hour, BBC World News and Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now!" He co-founded  Clamshell Alliance in 1976 to oppose Seabrook (NH) nuclear power plant construction through non‐violent direct action that launched the U.S. antinuclear movement.

Gunter was one of several protesters arrested trying to occupy Entergy offices in New Orleans, inspired by the radical Occupy Movement.

Paul Gunter - World News
Paul Gunter, former member of the Clamshell Alliance and current Director of theReactor Oversight Project for "Beyond Nuclear", shares his thoughts about the  Paul Gunter, director of Reactor Oversight Project with Beyond Nuclear: We were involved in an Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC] hearing on July 28 of this year where the NRC basically admitted that fuel fragments found over one and a half miles away from the facility did not come from explosions from the spent fuel pools, according to the NRC those fuel fragments were ejected from the reactor cores in those explosions.

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Gunter one of protesters arrested trying to occupy Entergy offices in New Orleans.

Initiated by Renny Cushing, a founding member of the Clamshell Alliance, the original New England-based anti-nuclear movement created in the 1970s, eight individuals, some members of Cushing’s original affinity group, traveled to New Orleans to mount a surprise occupation inside the Entergy offices. Hanging banners and applying yellow police crime scene tape to the glass entrance, the eight refused to leave when ordered by police and were arrested. But who are the real criminals here? ....

As Paul Gunter of Takoma Park, who was arrested alongside Cushing in New Orleans and was also a Clamshell Alliance founder, observed: “It’s got to the point where if we really want to change anything, we’ve got to stand up and be counted. The Occupy movement has shown us that. 

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