Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Town Hall May 8, 2012

Thomas SowellThomas Sowell:
The Moral Infrastructure
Chuck NorrisChuck Norris:
How Romney and Our Republic Can Win (Part 2)
John RansomJohn Ransom:
From Meritocracy to Mediocrity in One Presidential Term
John HawkinsJohn Hawkins:
7 Reasons Liberal Economic Policies Don't Work
David LimbaughDavid Limbaugh:
Truth Is Major Obstacle to Obama's Re-election
Mona CharenMona Charen:
Extremism in Defense of the Welfare State

Cal  ThomasCal Thomas:
Finding Your Roots
Pat BuchananPat Buchanan:
Is This the End of 'One Europe'? 
Debra J. SaundersDebra J. Saunders:
Obama's Julia a Woman in Need of Protector
Dave RamseyDave Ramsey:
Dave Says Get Intentional with your Money
Brian DarlingBrian Darling:
To Sequester or Not to Sequester: That is the Question
Phyllis SchlaflyPhyllis Schlafly:
Steve King Stands up to the 'War Against Women'
Townhall.com StaffTownhall.com Staff:
Chris Christie’s Obamacare Acquiescence
Bill MurchisonBill Murchison:
The Truth When It Hurts
Michael BrownMichael Brown:
Dan Savage Savages the Bible, Christianity, and the Pope (Part III)
Charles PayneCharles Payne:
White Flags Unfurled
Kevin McCulloughKevin McCullough:
Why Obama is 'The One'
David StermanDavid Sterman:
Why the Long-Term Outlook for Stocks Keeps Getting Brighter
Jordan LorenceJordan Lorence:
Why Voters Should Approve N.C.'s Marriage Amendment
Carrie LukasCarrie Lukas:
Free College: A Liberal Idea Worth Trying
Alexis GarciaAlexis Garcia:
CitiBike: Too Dumb to Fail
Doug FrenchDoug French:
Herding Lizards 
Jeff  CarterJeff Carter:
Warren Buffett Says Invest Like A Smarteys
Mike ShedlockMike Shedlock:
“We Embittered the People to Protect the Future of the Nation" 
Paul DriessenPaul Driessen:
Why We Need to Terminate Big Wind Subsidies
Hal ScherzHal Scherz:
Caution to Seniors About Obamacare- Let The Buyer Beware
Chris PoindexterChris Poindexter:
Gold Tracks Higher
David CortmanDavid Cortman:
Rep. Pelosi Wants to Amend the First Amendment (And Silence Opposition)

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