Monday, May 21, 2012

FukuNukeBlog: What is Low Dose Radiation?

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There are two realistic definitions of a low dose of radiation. One is a dose below which it is not possible to detect adverse health effects. This level has been set by the ICRP to be at 20 rads, 20,000 mrads, or 0.2 Gy, 200 mGy. Others suggest that this level is much lower and may be as low as 1 rad. 

Another definition of a low dose of radiation would be the level of radiation that we are exposed to from natural background radiation. In the United States. this dose ranges from 75 - 1000 mrads with a mean of 370 mrads, 0.37 rads or 3.7 mGy. This dose does not include exposure to medical procedures.

NCRP National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, (1987). Exposure of the population in the United States and Canada from natural background radiation. NCRP Report No. 94. Issued December 30, 1987. Bethesda, Maryland.

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