Monday, May 07, 2012

School District Boundary Map For ISD 555 Rochester Minnesota

Parents moving into Rochester Minnesota and real estate agents will find this map helpful. You can get there directly from the school district website here, but I've put up a direct link to a copy:

*** link to map ***

This will bring up a .pdf file which is really too large for a 8.5x11 page, but if you select printer options, there may be a poster print option which puts it onto multiple pages, or you can find a program which can do this. The trick for the high schools is that blue is for Century (which has the highest test scores and income / education demographic), green is Mayo (2nd highest) and red /orange is John Thurgood Marshall (which has some of the best housing buys) My family is coming from Bothell High School in Washington which is comparable to Century. We did see reviews complaining about some administrators running roughshod over people at Century (that's often the problem at schools that think they've got a top demographic which gives them a licence to do crazy things to their kids and parents) but heard they've fixed that recently.

Different families will have different criteria for the school they want, but Century has been popular for more affluent looking for the highest test scores, you might want to head away from there if you want more house for your dollar, or if you want your kid higher up in class ranking away from the students-who- stress out or -study-way- too-hard.

Birds eye view of the map - Marshall West, Century North and East, Mayo South

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