Wednesday, May 30, 2012

App Development is Apple, Android... and Windows Mobile

You can't find this on google, but the print and pdf version of software development times May 2012

They don't have a web version but here are the highlights for me:

BZ research found 57% of organizations they survyed were doing mobile apps

63.9% Android Phone
63.6% Iphone
62.9% Ipad
50.8% Android Tablet
50.2% Windows Phone
21.8% Blackberry
whatithink: Wow for a supposedly dead app market, Windows Phone is almost as active as the leaders. Android has already reached parity with Apple, at least for phones. Windows Tablet is supposed to be based on Windows 8 which is actually desktop windows.

Business reaons:
38.4% Offer mobile access to online service
36.3% selling to consumers
33.2% mobile to be competitive
32.9% mobile version of desktop software

Biggest challenges
46% supporting multiple mobile platforms
43.3% cross-platform development
36.8% multiple platforms from common codebase
34.9% compelling user experience
33.3% testing quality assurance
whatithink: Common code is impossible across IOs which is in oddball objective C, Android which is Java, and Windows Phone which is silverlight /XAML, although there are supposedly ways to run C++ games on all of these platforms. You just have to recode all these from scratch and hope they stay in sync. Testing is also a pain since most automated tools are for internet or windows and Mac apps. Testing tools for mobile last time I checked was nearly nonexistent (hey if you know what they are, please leave in comments)

The Fool Picks Android, Apple and Windows as 1, 2 and 3 


The market seems to be carved in two right now. Apple has the well-to-do and fashion-forward markets covered. Android is gunning for the masses. If Microsoft succeeds -- and that's a big "if" right now -- it remains to be seen if it will simply come at the techie expense of BlackBerry or if it will be truly successful and disrupt Apple and Google....Then again, why rain on the parade. This is the moment to shine for Android and iOS. Everyone else at this point is just jealous.
Fumble through your pockets until you find your smartphone. Is it an iPhone? Is it an Android? If not, you're probably cradling an endangered species.
Two kingdoms rule the world
Of the 152.3 million smartphones shipped during the first three months of the year, according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, iPhones and Androids accounted for 82% of the market. ...Nokia-championed Symbian -- a former fave around the world -- has seen its market share slip from 26% a year ago to less than 7% today. RIM's BlackBerry has seen its share of smartphone shipments cut in half to 6.4%. 
Apple #2 to Android .... even though Apple and Google combine for 82% of the market, there really is just one company that's a threat to run away with the market on its own. In terms solely of market penetration, Android is the Simon to Apple's Garfunkel. (Simon is the one who was a solo star....) Android accounted for 89.9 million -- or 59% -- of the 152.3 million smartphones that were shipped this past quarter. That's a 145% surge over the past year....The 35.1 million iPhones it sold ... represents an 89% improvement. ... the chin-scratching reality is that Apple's now a more distant silver medalist.
Windows Mobile Dark Horse #3? 
Windows may be a forgotten sixth-place finisher with just 2.2% of the market, but no one should be surprised if Microsoft pole vaults its way to the bronze medal in a year. ...RIM is on a downward spiral. Linux may have its fringe fans, but there's no one financially backing the platform the way that Microsoft is invested in mobile.

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Sep 26, 2011 ... The real change here is that the applications on mobile devices are beingwritten like RIA apps: they're rich interfaces to corporate data ...

Apr 11, 2012 ... The largest group of app store developers are professional developers writingapp store apps in their spare time.


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