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Josh Powell's Blood Stained Comforter

Josh Powell's Blood Stained Comforter
project page: [Demons and Saints: Murder of Josh and Susan Powell Family]

Police in Washington state a blood-stained gray-blue-pink comforter that Josh kept in a storage room that was searched. The comforter tested positive for blood, although it has not been announced if it was a mathc for Susan's blood. Investigators noticed that a comforter was missing from the house when they first broke in to make sure the family had not been victims of carbon monoxide poisoning when neighbors and friends noticed they were missing that Monday morning. Vigilant netizens noticed that Josh just happened to return with a brand new comforter when he returned to the house. 

Alaina offers a cover story which only reinforces guilt and complicity by saying with certainty that it is just menstrual blood and establishes no evidence of a murder, even though there was also blood on the couch and floor that was obviously cleaned with fans pointed at it just as Susan went missing / murdered. 

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Josh Powell's Blood Stained Comforter
To those who believe that Josh Powell is a poster child for those wrongly under suspicion, his actions scream guilt. Why was the bedspread missing when police first entered the house on a welfare check in case the family succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning and Josh coincidently shows up with a brand new one when he returned to the house? {This was later found with Susan's blood}

Investigators find blood-stained comforter in Powell case ...
Feb 10, 2012 –Police in Washington state who searched a storage unit rented by Josh Powell found a stained comforter that tested positive for blood in initial exams, according to documents filed in court Friday. Pierce County detectives reported finding a gray-blue-pink comforter with a stain. The search warrant documents say the comforter tested positive for blood. Investigators planned to perform further tests.

  • EgbertThrockmorton1
    Yes, it does appear that Josh Powell was merely a victim of the media, internet "haters", the secret Mormon Cult of Scientist and Jew Killers, and Bear Planters. This is all quite common amongst the folks who trade in child pornography, so it,s merely "normal" behavior, right, Powell and Leach family? Not a chance in He** was your family a normal "loving " family, your gerbil-killing Joshua is what he was and will be forever known as. And, he alone is responsible for what he chose to become and what he did to his sons, and I believe his missing wife. How much you folks want bet that it is her DNA on the blood stained comforter he kept hidden from you and law enforcement? The truth is now starting to come out as to how sick and twisted this creature really was.
  • I do question one thing on that comforter. They "did a thorough search of the Powell house" when Susan first disappeared, yet didn't find the blanket then? Strikes me as odd that they didn't find it then. 
  • EgbertThrockmorton1
    Not so odd really, suspects keep trophies and hide evidence quite frequently. Probably kept it as a hift to his Daddy.
    • PetragliffCollapse
      It was around her body and he brought it home after moving her body when he went back with the rental car.
From Alaina's disinformation site:
Alaina says it was just blood from a period. Why would Josh keep a comforter with menstrual blood in his storage locker?

The Suspicious Period

A couple days after Josh died, the police raided his storage room and took a comforter with an alleged blood spot on it, claiming that it was "evidence" against Josh. This is one of the most poorly reasoned claims the police have ever made during the Susan Powell missing person case. It is not at all clear how menstrual blood relates to a person's disappearance, or how that implicates Josh. {It matches the same comforter than went missing the search that Josh returned with a clean one, and there just happened to also be stains on the couch that was cleaned, on the carpet that was cleaned, and on the floor which also matched Susan's blood}

If the police are capable of saying something this ignorant about female reproductive processes, maybe the folks down in Utah should rethink their ideas about banning sex education from the curriculum.

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