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Chinese Food Will Kill You With Oil, Fat and MSG

From Perfect Body Toning

I can't verify this, from what I know, Chinese Food is much better for you than "White Food" which comes out of an oven, with badly boiled vegetables, added salt and gravy, and a roll on the side, not to mention Kentucky Fried Chicken. Mayor Marion Barry spoke ill of Chinese food because he wants to drive out all Asian business owners and residents from black neighborhoods (they already took care of the white residents a generation ago...) 
But perhaps if you eat out at a Chinese restaurant with the Pu Pu platter appetizer in American sized portions, this might be right:

Calories In Chinese Food Are High Thanks To Loads Of Oils & Fats.......

Any Idea how High the Calories in Chinese Food?
With the lavish oils in deep-fried, double-fried, battered and breaded cook styles?
It's delicious; tasty; appetizing; "finger-licking" good, mouth-watering fantastic......In short, yummy, yummy, yummy....
I'm sure you've other wonderful words you want to use to express your love for the food.....
I love Chinese food but......
Do you know Chinese food is very fattening?
I know, being Chinese.
This is thanks to the generous splash of oils in the cooking that makes most of the food high in calories.
I can say that it isn’t the healthiest food around and lots of us don’t realize how bad it can actually do to your waistline.......
You'd think that the veggies would do no harm - veggies, right? Full of vitamins and minerals and very low in calories.
Hey! Wait till you see the veggies (like eggplants, string beans, varieties of greens) soaking up oil like nobody's business!
One single dish of veggies, stir-fried style, mind you, is at least 500 calories!
And indeed many Chinese food easily chart well over 800 calories in one single dish. If you go for Chinese restaurant food, it's also loaded with salt (sodium)!
Let me give you some Ideas "how high is high" the Calories in Chinese Food
(P/S: The food listed are based on those served by Chinese restaurants)
OK, Let's Start With Soup First

  • 1 serving of egg drop soup - 100 calories; sodium 900 mg

  • Hot & sour soup - 100 calories; sodium 1,100 mg

  • Wonton soup - 100 calories; sodium 800 mg

Then The Appetizers

  • 1 Egg roll- 200 calories; sodium 400 mg

  • 1 Spring roll 100 calories; 100 calories; sodium 300 mg.
    Note a thinner wrapper and smaller size give spring rolls fewer calories than egg rolls

  • 6 steamed vegetable dumplings - 400 calories; sodium 1,100 mg

  • 6 steamed pork dumplings - 500 calories; sodium 900 mg

  • 4 BBQ spare ribs - 600 calories; sodium 900 mg.
    1 order equals to 2 pork chops. Some appetizer!

Now The Veggies

  • Stir-fried greens - 900 calories; sodium: 2,200 mg.
    The added oil and the high sodium are no help here....

  • Eggplant in garlic sauce - 1,000 calories; sodium: 2,000 mg.
    This veggies literally soaks up all the oil!

  • Szechuan string beans - 600 calories; sodium: 2,700 mg

  • Stir-fried mixed veggies (Buddha's delight) - 500 calories; sodium: 2,200 mg

  • Mixed veggies with tofu (home style) - 900 calories; sodium: 2,200 mg.

    The high calories in this Chinese food is due to the deep-fried tofu...

Go On To Meat - Chicken, Pork, Beef...

  • Chicken with black bean sauce - 700 calories; sodium, a ridiculously high of 3,800 mg!

  • General Tao's chicken - 1,300 calories; again ridiculously high sodium of 3,200 mg!

  • Lemon chicken - 1,400 calories; sodium: 700 mg.
    It’s like eating 3 McDonald’s McChicken sandwiches plus a 32-oz.Coke. The culprit is the deep-fried breading that causes high calories in this Chinese food

  • Kung Pao chicken - 1,400 calories; sodium: 2,600 mg.
    The calories are high thanks to the added cashew nuts

  • Mu Shu pork (without pancakes) - 1,000 calories; sodium 2,600 mg.
    If with pancake, 90 calories for each 8-inch pancake or 60 calories for each 6-inch pancake

  • Sweet & sour pork - 1,300 calories; sodium: 800 mg

  • Orange (crispy) beef - 1,500 calories; sodium: 3,100 mg!
    It's roughly ¾ pound of flour-coated, deep-fried meat, bad stuff as it contains high level of saturated fat!

  • Beef with broccoli - 900 calories; sodium 3,200mg!

  • Shrimp with garlic sauce - 700 calories; sodium 3,000 mg!

  • Shrimp with lobster sauce - 400 calories; sodium 2,300 mg

  • Szechuan shrimp - 700 calories; sodium 2,500 mg

Oh, ah....the high, high calories in Chinese food.....No joke, right?

How About Noodles?

  • Chicken chow foon - 1,200 calories; sodium 3,400 mg!

  • Chicken chow mein (with crispy noodles) - 700 calories; sodium 2,500 mg

  • Combination (house) fried rice - 1,500 calories; sodium 2,700 mg

  • Combination (house) lo mein - 1,100 calories; sodium 3,500 mg!

For white rice, 200 calories each cup.
Whoa! The high calories in Chinese food! And the ridiculously high sodium level!
This is what I mean in the beginning.....when I say "high", I bet you don't know it's that high?

see http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/calories-in-chinese-food.html

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