Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Christians United For Israel Posters Defaced with pro-Palestine Slogans

Clearly some people have the wrong idea that Palestine is good and Israel is evil.
CUFI Event Protested by pro-Palestinian students at Portland State University (who defaced posters with Nazi Swatztikas)
portland university
Although CUFI chapters across the country are accustomed to resistance, the pure hatred which faced the CUFI on Campus chapter at Portland State University during a recent event demonstrates the shocking levels of anti-Semitism simmering just underneath the surface on many of America’s leading universities.
On May 14, 2012 CUFI students at Portland State University hosted a “Stand With Israel” event where CBN correspondent and terrorism analyst Erick Stakelbeck addressed a crowd of nearly 150 students and community members on “Terrorism, Israel, and the US”.
As the event approached, over 50 promotional flyers posted by the chapter disappeared or were defaced by anti-Israel activists, forcing the CUFI students to constantly repost flyers throughout the sprawling campus. Then, on Friday, a student made a shocking discovery: someone had scrawled a Nazi Swastika, as well as pro-Palestinian slogans, over a picture of the Star of David on several of the flyers.
This disgusting act of hatred lead to a swarm of coverage by local media outlets including a report on the  local ABC as well as CBN and TheBlaze.com following a blog post written by Erick Stakelbeck.  That same day, the CUFI on Campus chapter was notified that anti-Israel groups on campus were planning to protest the event.  Despite the continued opposition, the chapter moved forward with the event as planned. Read more.

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