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Tokyo Skytree Inspires Tacky Food Tributes

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Left: You can enjoy a majestic view of Sky Tree, reflected in the Kita-Jikkengawa River, if weather conditions allow.
Right: The view of Sky Tree from sightseeing boats along the Sumida River is also a popular attraction.

Meanwhile, many new stores and unique products are popping up with the opening of Sky Tree, and countless delicacies made to celebrate Sky Tree are on offer. One restaurant serves a "Tower Don," a dish made with three deep-fried shrimps formed into the shape of a magnificent tower, while another offers a "Tower Parfait" that stands 634 millimeters tall, representing the 634 meter height of Sky Tree. There is also a bistro serving beer poured in special 40-centimeter tower glasses. The portions as well as tastes of these items are sure to bring full satisfaction. Interesting and cute Sky Tree-related products are also on sale in local shopping districts, including cider sold in bottles shaped just like the tower.
With an incredible view from Japan's newest tower and the chance to encounter the traditions of old Tokyo in the nearby neighborhoods, Sky Tree is definitely a must-see spot when visiting Tokyo.
"Tower Don" bowl dish (left, cooperation: Sobadokoro Kamimura) and "Tower Parfait" (right, cooperation: Sakura Café Mukojima). Various unique specialties have been created for the opening of Sky Tree.
Cider sold in bottles created in the shape of the tower.

(March 2012)


5 Tokyo Sky Tree inspired dishes

Tokyo gets on a tall food trend in Sumida

The Tokyo Sky Tree is still under construction in Sumida ward, but the steel frame of the main body has been completed and has reached its highest point of 497m. From this point, the steel antenna will be installed on top of the tower, so that when building is completed in 2012, the tower will have an impressive height totalling 634m. The surrounding areas such as Oshiage and Narihira are already drawing large numbers of tourists eager to see the tower as it ‘grows up’. With an eye towards serving the tourists, many of the restaurants in the area have been creating their own Sky Tree-themed dishes, and Time Out Tokyo has found the five most inventive on offer.

Soba-dokoro Kamimura: Tower-don

Tower-don ¥1,800
Head South from Narihirabashi Station and you’ll find the old-style handmade soba noodle shop Kamimura at the intersection with Asakusa-dori. Kamimura’s Sky Tree-themed dish is a tower-themed ten-don (tempurarice bowl). Three large prawns are propped upright by the lid of the donburibowl, under all of which is a kakiage (julienne vegetable tempura) made with onions and small sakura shrimps. The tempura sauce is sweet without being too overwhelming, and despite its potentially fickle quality by being a novelty dish, the ‘Tower-don’ won’t disappoint. Height: 20cm. (Full details & map)
Sakura Café Mukojima: Sky Tree Parfait

Sky Tree Parfait ¥1,800
This café is situated by a river, close to Narihirabashi Station. You can spot it by the large, red traditional Japanese umbrella outside. As well as a selection of café-style drinks such as coffee, Japanese sweets such asanmitsu are also on offer. The café’s special Sky Tree offering is a svelte and very tall parfait. Beneath a tower of sculpted sugar one finds a generous serving of soft-serve ice cream. It doesn’t stop there – the parfait also contains fruit, Bavarian cream, shiratama rice-flour dumplings andkanten agar jelly, as well as the café’s specialty ningyo-yaki right at the bottom. When the parfait arrives at the table and is set down in front of you, it’s hard to not feel impressed. Height: 60cm. (Full details & map
Soba-yuzen Ichirikiya: Sky Tree Soba

Narihira Kimuraya: Tower Danish

Tower Danish ¥250

Text and photos by Takeshi Tojo
Translated by Virginia Okno

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