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Dan Savage Stands Up Against Christian Bullsh*t Bullies (?)

Note: school safety and anti-bullying is code for gay rights activism, as well as anti-christian activism. Many people / interests who are anti-semitic are also anti-Christian. Gay rights doesn't have to be anti-Christian and Christians don't have to be anti-gay (there are lots of things straight people aren't supposed to do as well), but this man is a bully and attacking another identify group. I am against anti-anybodyism. No hate against anybody. What a concept? 

The leading section is anti-Dan Savage, followed by people who support Dan Savage, including observant Christian President Barack Obama:

from http://defendchristians.org/news/gay-anti-bullying-activist-bullies-christian-teens/
Disturbing video has emerged of radical homosexual activist, Dan Savage, making crude, insults towards Christian students. This is very troubling since Savage became famous for producing an anti-bullying campaign that featured President Obama. The campaign encouraged young people to come out as homosexuals, falsely assuring them that life as a homosexual somehow gets better over time.
Savages anti-bullying hypocrisy couldn’t be more glaring. Savage repeatedly insulted Christian students attending a conference for high school students sponsored by the National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalism Education Association. As Christians began walking out during Savages’ anti-Christian, Bible-bashing diatribe, he began hurling invectives and insults.
So you can bully Christians, but not others?
Both the National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalism Education Association have apologized for Dan Savages bullying. Savage apologized for calling the students “pansy**ssed,” but stood behind his remarks that the Bible is “bullsh**.”
Help us make sure that Savage is never invited to bully high school students again.
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Recently an incident took place where "inappropriate" remarks were directed by a gay activist toward children who were also "engaging in issues they care about."  Yet thus far there has been no comment from the President who, on behalf of a left-wing feminist, had tripped over himself rushing to her defense.
Dan Savage, 'It Gets Better' founder/"Savage Love" sex advice columnist/gay activist/White House reception guest of Barack Obama, was supposed to be sharing an anti-bullying message at the National High School Journalism Conference sponsored by the Journalism Education Association (JEA ) and the National Scholastic Press Association. Instead, Savage used the opportunity to exercise his civic duty and bully the kids who came to the conference from Christian schools in the area.
At one point, Savage described for the teenagers how "good his male partner looked in a Speedo" and told them, "I hope you're all using birth control." After Savage, "Evolve Already " promoter of marriage equality for gays attempted to savage the book of Leviticus, the Apostle Paul, and his letter to the Romans, 100 offended high school students quietly stood up and filed out of the auditorium.
Feeling bullied by the students refusing to listen to his vulgar tirade, the anti-bullying speaker then "began cursing, attacked the Bible and reportedly called those who refused to listen to his rant 'pansy assed.'"
Continuing on with a level of mistreatment that far surpassed Limbaugh's two-word insult, Savage told a room full of high school students that "there are people using the Bible as an excuse for gay bullying, because it ...being gay is wrong," and encouraged them all to "ignore all the (expletive deleted) in the Bible."
Based on how quickly Barack Obama raced out to the microphones to address what he felt were demeaning comments directed toward the frail Ms. Fluke, is Obama planning on doing likewise and officially distancing himself from Dan Savage by publicly addressing his "inappropriate," anti-Christian remarks? 
When he's finished straightening out Mr. Savage, will the President then be phoning the children who were called 'pansy asses' by his abusive White House guest, as he did Sandra Fluke ?  Will he tell the kiddies their parents should be proud of them for the dignified way they respectfully dismissed themselves from the awkward confrontation?
Afterwards, at his next press conference, will Obama share that he thought about how terribly his Christian daughters Sasha and Malia would have felt being singled out and insulted in such a public way, just for going to a high school journalism conference? 
Will Barack Obama condemn verbal and religious abuse of any kind and remind America "The remarks that were made don't have any place in the public discourse." Or will Mr. Obama send a strong but silent message of agreement to the anti-bullying bully Dan Savage by choosing to say absolutely nothing at all?
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It Gets Better founder apparently has no problem bullying Christians

Dan Savage earns a living giving people sex advice, which usually amounts to nothing more than just encouraging students and others to engage in sexual activity. Not surprisingly, he’s no fan of the Bible. In a recent speech to students, the founder of the ‘It Gets Better’ anti-bullying campaign decided not to talk about bullying but instead rip Christians and the Bible.

“Nothing wrong with anti‑bullying stuff,” Glenn said.
“It’s very good stuff. We should all get along, we should all work together, we can disagree with each other but we don’t have to hate each other, we don’t have to do any of that stuff. And I think we’ve made great progress as human beings on being decent to each other. But we are being dragged back to absolute hatred every step of the way.”
Glenn, however, was not a fan of the Dan Savage bashed the Bible and encouraged people in attendance to ridicule those who chose to turn the other cheek and exit the lecture rather than hear someone beat up on their most sacred text.
“He just beats on the Bible and beats on the Bible and these kids get up and walk out and they ‑‑ they’re cheered as they’re walking out like good, good riddance. And then he starts to bash them while they’re out in the hallway. This is an anti‑bullying campaign.”
“So at an anti‑bullying conference, he calls the kids who get up and leave pansy ass,” Pat said.

Daily Caller‎ - 4 hours ago
2 days ago – "pansy-assed" -- i think if you regret that one, it's great you said sorry. and meant it. but bulls*** is bulls*** and dan savage's stock in trade is to ...
1 day ago – If Dan won't say it, I will: All religion is bulls***. Oh, I'm not saying there aren't some good ... On "Bulls***" and "Pansy-Assed" by Dan Savage ...
2 days ago – Anti-bullying advocate Dan Savage whines about “bulls***” in the bible, calls students who walk out of his rant “pansy assed.” (Video) ...

Anti-bullying advocate Dan Savage whines about “bullshit” in the bible, calls students who walk out of his rant “pansy assed.” (Video)

democrat-logoYou gotta love it when hypocritical liberals and especially “anti-bullying” advocates like Dan Savage get exposed for their own bullying. Savage didn’t physically beat up anyone, instead Dan Savage insults around 100 or so high school students who happen to be Christians with his bible is bullshit rant. As many as 100 students walked out during Savage’s “savage” rant, too which Dan Savage said they are just “pansy assed.” The only pansy assed loser in the room was Dan Savage. I’m surprised he’s not going to the White House Correspondents Dinner tonight as a guest of one of the propagandist media outlets. He appears on MSNBC regularly, so he would have been a perfect guest of NBC.  Just another fine example of a progressive liberal Democrat’s “peace, tolerance and love.

Christian aren't the only ones who preach against man on man love: 

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    1 day ago – Sex advice columnist and anti-bullying crusader Dan Savage has made ...Savage would never have said the same things about Muslims.


Supporting Dan Savage: Good Guys or Bad Guys?

Barack Obama, observant Christian that he is, is a big supporter of Savage: 

Dan Savage – White House Endorsed Attack Dog Against ...

1 day ago – Dan Savage is President Obama's handpicked ambassador to represent his administration and to attack Christians, the Bible, and Christianity.

It Gets Better Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

President of the United States Barack Obama contributed a video to the It Gets ....."Video: Authors @Google: Dan Savage and Terry Miller on the It Gets Better ...

Obama White House Fundraises For Anti-Christian Bully Savage

2 days ago – President Obama's administration has focused heavily on ending ...There's only one problem: the organization is headed by one Dan Savage.
  1. Guest of Obama White House – “Ignore The Bullsh-t In The Bible ...

    3 days ago – National anti-bullying campaign organizer Dan Savage has been a guest of ... This rant comes on the heels of a past video of Barack Obama ...
  2. Obama Teamed Up With Gay Activist Dan Savage!

    2 hours ago – Obama has joined forces with Dan Savage to push the gay agenda and... ridiculed the Bible, has a friend in the White House – Barack Obama.
  3. Obama endorsed lewd “It gets better” hyprocrite Dan Savage | Gay ...

    16 hours ago – Obama endorsed lewd “It gets better” hyprocrite Dan Savage ... self serving pr event dubbed “It gets better” was endorsed by Barack Obama.

Chicago Pride - Gay activists

ChicagoPride.com‎ - 10 hours ago
Conservatives are waging a war of words against Dan Savage for calling "bulls***" on the Bible's anti-gay message.

The Young Turks (Islamocentric) Cenk Uygar ( I don't like him) 

www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_CesS69sVoNEW16 hours ago - 4 min -Uploaded by TheYoungTurks
Via The Raw Story: "Fox News host Steve Doocy on Monday suggested that sex columnist Dan Savage was ...

comment: Anti-bullying classes or lectures for school kids are trojan horses for gay indoctrination. They should never be allowed in public schools, or if they are, parental permission should be required.

Crooks and Liars (Islamocentric) (I don't like these guys either)

videocafe.crooksandliars.com/.../dan-savage-points-ou...NEW1 day ago - 3 min
Dan Savage, creator of the It Gets Better Project, gave a talk about anti-gay ... We can learn to ignore the ...

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Dan Savage, creator of the It Gets Better Project, gave a talk about anti-gay bullying at a conference for high school journalists a couple of weeks ago, which after just being upped to YouTube has caused an uproar through the usual channels as an attack on the Bible, this time by "rightist rag" Citizen Link, a James Dobson outlet.
Towleroad details the manufactured outrage, where some High School journalism students were so offended by Savage they walked out.
great brouhaha is stirring in the nation's conservative publications over comments Dan Savage made two weeks ago while addressing the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention. The convention was entitled "Journalism On The Edge," which you'd think would prep participants for a certain amount of edginess in the presentations. Alas, the audience was not prepared for edginess. Savage's subject was to be bullying, and he got right to the point:
The Bible. We’ll just talk about the Bible for a second. People often point out that they can’t help it — they can’t help with the anti-gay bullying, because it says right there in Leviticus, it says right there in Timothy, it says right there in Romans, that being gay is wrong.
We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people. The same way, the same way we have learned to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about shellfish, about slavery, about dinner, about farming, about menstruation, about virginity, about masturbation. We ignore bullshit in the Bible about all sorts of things.
Savage's full remarks below the fold, about 3 minutes of his nearly 90 minute presentation.
Naturally such an "affront" couldn't be taken lying down, so this outrage made it's way to Dobson, Fox News, Drudge, Breitbart, Glenn Beck, etc. Here's what Dobson's site Citizen Link had to say about it:
A 17-year-old from California who was attending with half a dozen other students from her high school yearbook staff, was one of several students to walk out in the middle of Savage’s speech.
“The first thing he told the audience was, ‘I hope you’re all using birth control!’ ” she recalled. Then “he said there are people using the Bible as an excuse for gay bullying, because it says in Leviticus and Romans that being gay is wrong. Right after that, he said we can ignore all the ‘B.S.’ in the Bible.
“I was thinking, ‘This is not going a good direction at all,’ Then he started going off about the Bible. He said somehow the Bible was pro-slavery. I’m really shy. I’m not really someone to, like, stir up anything. But all of a sudden I just blurted out, ‘That’s bull!’ ”
As she and several other students walked out of the auditorium, Savage noticed them leaving and called them “pansies.”
Finally, it's not hard to see why this kind of story getting wide play by the usual suspects. Nor is it hard to disagree with this assessment, also by Towleroad:
The story has now been picked up by FOX News Radio, under the headline "Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian Teens." Today, that article was one of the top links at Drudge Report, which suggests the story will get bigger very soon.
It's too bad the Christian kids left the hall. They're supposed to be journalists, and we in the journalism biz must often dirty our ears with others' distasteful utterances. While Savage might have profitably avoided the use of profanities (which, when used to describe allegedly sacred documents, tend to make believers less than receptive to whatever might come next), what he said was materially true, and good journalism students of any creed ought to know it.
UPDATE: Savage later apologized via his blog for the name-calling, regretting the use of "pansy-assed" to describe the students walkout:
I would like to apologize for describing that walk out as a pansy-assed move. I wasn't calling the handful of students who left pansies (2800+ students, most of them Christian, stayed and listened), just the walk-out itself. But that's a distinction without a difference—kinda like when religious conservatives tells their gay friends that they "love the sinner, hate the sin." They're often shocked when their gay friends get upset because, hey, they were making a distinction between the person (lovable!) and the person's actions (not so much!). But gay people feel insulted by "love the sinner, hate the sin" because it is insulting. Likewise, my use of "pansy-assed" was insulting, it was name-calling, and it was wrong. And I apologize for saying it.
The Bible. We'll just talk about the Bible for a second. People often point out that they can't help it -- they can't help with the anti-gay bullying, because it says right there in Leviticus, it says right there in Timothy, it says right there in Romans, that being gay is wrong.
We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people. The same way, the same way we have learned to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about shellfish, about slavery, about dinner, about farming, about menstruation, about virginity, about masturbation. We ignore bullshit in the Bible about all sorts of things. The Bible is a radically pro-slavery document. Slave owners waved Bibles over their heads during the Civil War and justified it. The shortest book in the New Testament is a letter from Paul to a Christian slave owner about owning his Christian slave. And Paul doesn't say "Christians don't own people." Paul talks about how Christians own people.
We ignore what the Bible says about slavery, because the Bible got slavery wrong. Tim -- uh, Sam Harris, in A Letter To A Christian Nation, points out that the Bible got the easiest moral question that humanity has ever faced wrong. Slavery. What're the odds that the Bible got something as complicated as human sexuality wrong? One hundred percent.The Bible says that if your daughter's not a virgin on her wedding night -- if a woman isn't a virgin on her wedding night, she shall be dragged to her father's doorstep and stoned to death. Callista Gingrich lives. And there is no effort to amend state constitutions to make it legal to stone women to death on their wedding night if they're not virgins. At least not yet. We don't know where the GOP is going these days.
People are dying because people can't clear this one last hurdle. They can't get past this one last thing in the Bible about homosexuality.
Um, one other thing I wanna talk about is -- [chuckles] -- so, you can tell the Bible guys in the hall that they can come back now, because I'm done beating up the Bible. It's funny, as someone who's on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible, how pansy-assed some people react when you push back.
I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings. But. I have a right to defend myself. And to point out the hypocrisy of people who justify anti-gay bigotry by pointing to the Bible, and insisting we must live by the code of Leviticus on this one issue and no other.

Dan Savage recently gave a presentation in a high school, before students purportedly considering journalism as a career. What happened when he presented them with some basic facts? Several of them walked out, because he dared to tell them that their favourite book of myths was a crock of shit. (not a good guy)

23 hours ago – National High School Journalist Conference, Dan Savage christianity,Dan Savage bulls***, Dan Savage Last week Dan Savage, creator of the ...Last week Dan Savage, creator of the “It Gets Better” movement, was a keynote speaker at the National High School Journalist Conference in Seattle. Savage has never been shy about voicing hisdispleasure with conservative Christian values in this country and used his time on the podium to share his feelings about the influence of Christianity on teen bullying.
“We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people — the same way we have learned to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about shellfish, about slavery, about dinner, about farming, about menstruation about virginity about masturbation. We ignore bullshit in the Bible about all sorts of things.”
Savage’s comments resulted in a number of attendees leaving the room in protest which prompted him to later comment the following:
“You can tell the Bible guys in the hall they can come back now because I’m done beating up the Bible. It’s funny as someone who is on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible how pansy-assed people react when you push back.”
Dan has never been one to sugarcoat things. While I may not agree with everything he says, I strongly agree with his point here. If people are going to point to the Bible to back up their discrimination against gays and lesbians, they may not disqualify the other morals simply because they don’t work for them.

  • I don't see how he was even remotely wrong or why he should even mildly apologize. 
  • As a Spiritualist minister, and a student of the Bible, I have to agree. I would not have phrased it quite the way he did, but there are many issues on which the Bible is simply WRONG! And having been created over 2000 years ago, it does not address some of the issues of our modern world in a way that is applicable to our situation and circumstances. Also, the comment about fighting back, I would rephrase as having an open discussion, knowing how difficult that can be when the people you are talking to are closed up in their walls of, "I'm right, you're wrong!". Being a Spiritualist, I know what that's like! Keep up the good work, Dan!!
  • I heart Dan Savage.
    He's right - the thumpers can dish it out but they can't take it.  No apologies.  Saying there is bullshit in the Bible is still less painful for them to hear than the pain they and/or others like them have inflicted on fellow students by calling them fags, dykes, queers, etc.

Syndicated columnist and anti-bullying activist Dan Savage delivered the keynote speech at the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention in ...
avage has since responded by issuing an apology for his use of the term "pansy-ass" in reference to the students who left the room, but stopped short of retracting his remarks on religious hypocrisy:
I didn't call anyone's religion bullshit. I did say that there is bullshit-"untrue words or ideas"-in the Bible. That is being spun as an attack on Christianity. Which is bullshhh… which is untrue. I was not attacking the faith in which I was raised. I was attacking the argument that gay people must be discriminated against-and anti-bullying programs that address anti-gay bullying should be blocked (or exceptions should be made for bullying "motivated by faith")-because it says right there in the Bible that being gay is wrong. Yet the same people who make that claim choose to ignore what the Bible has to say about a great deal else. I did not attack ChristianityI attacked hypocrisy. My remarks can only be read as an attack on all Christians if you believe that all Christians are hypocrites. Which I don't believe.

Apr 18, 2012 – On the April 16 edition of KCTS 9's new show, Public Affairs with C.R. Douglas, the program spotlighted Washington state's recent decision to ...On the April 16 edition of KCTS 9’s new show, Public Affairs with C.R. Douglas, the program spotlighted Washington state’s recent decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Panelists included Joseph Backholm – leader of the Protect Marriage Washington effort and president of the Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW) – and prominent gay activist Dan Savage.
While much of the episode followed the show’s signature use of the Socratic Method, the debate became more confrontational after Backholm began discussing same-sex parenting:
BACKHOLM: I think there’s a general understanding of the fact that if you have a million kids who are raised by their mother and father and a million kids who are not raised by their mother and father, knowing nothing else about them, that the million kids who are raised by their mother and father are going to do better.
SAVAGE: That’s bullshit.
BACKHOLM: Now there’s certainly going to be outliers in that–
SAVAGE: Sorry, that’s bullshit.
DOUGLAS: What is your basis for that?
BACKHOLM: I think it’s observable reality. And of course, to my left here, Professor Schwartz knows a lot more about the data, and as she just admitted there’s a lot that we don’t know about this because we have not been -- we haven't been far enough down this road. We don’t have longitudinal data to really be able to study this. But I think most people understand that it’s good for kids to have a mom and a dad and that’s one of the reasons why the current definition of marriage is one that we are in support of.

55 minutes ago – A couple weeks ago, Dan Savage discussed the Bible with a group of journalism students. Here is what he said (see video below) -- along with ...A couple weeks ago, Dan Savage discussed the Bible with a group of journalism students.

Here is what he said (see video below) -- along with some of the bullshit from the Bible that believers ignore while pretending to believe it.

The Bible, we’ll just talk about the Bible for a second. People often point out that they can’t help it – they can’t help with the anti-gay bullying, because it says right there in Leviticus, it says right there in Timothy, it says right there in Romans, that being gay is wrong.
Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Leviticus 18:22
If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:13 
The law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind.... 1 Timothy 1:9-10
 In the last days ... men will be ... without natural affection. 2 Timothy 3:1-3
 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another ... God gave them over to a reprobate mind ... they which commit such things are worthy of death. Romans 1:26-32
We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people. [applause]The same way, the same way we have learned to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about shellfish,

the stranger 

Savage's Great New Sh*tstorm

posted by  on SAT, APR 28, 2012 at 1:22 PM

A couple weeks ago, Dan Savage delivered a keynote address at the National High School Journalism Convention, during which he spoke some true (if expletive-ridden) words about what the Bible has gotten wrong throughout history. Now this is a top headline on the Drudge Report: "Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian Teens."
Here's video of what Dan said (which led numerous Christian students to flee the auditorium).
And here's another hysterical report on the brouhaha, from the AFA-affiliatedCitizenLink.
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Supreme Ruler Of The Universe1

Maybe Savage should go on tour with Metta World Peace.
Posted by Supreme Ruler Of The Universe http://yrihf.com on April 28, 2012 at 1:27 PM
read the article earlier today, and just now saw the video. the difference between what dan actually said and the way they make it out in the article is startling. even for these people. remarkable.

(also: i counted a couple of "bullshits." that's what's considered "expletive-ridden"? for fuck's sake.)
Posted by AmyC on April 28, 2012 at 1:30 PM
3Comment Pulled (Trolling) Comment Policy
Hey, they deserve a fucking wake up call. If that bothers the bullies, too fucking bad. Christianity has a two thousand year history that is ugly at best. Why? Answer that! Why would hundreds of Christian priests torment and rape thousands and thousands of children in the present day? Making victims is what they have always done. Enough! Stand up to bullies! Don't be bullied back by giving them your power. Keep talking Dan! The more they hate you, the more you get through. Rob them of the children's brains they feed on.
Posted by Vince on April 28, 2012 at 1:35 PM
Dan's right, but that doesn't even matter. It's all about, and only about spin and outrage in a news cycle.
With any luck this one will blow up in their face as people actually see the video clip and think about it. If you're actually going to read any of those articles, post the link to the video in the comments. repeatedly.
Posted by SPG on April 28, 2012 at 1:38 PM
HEY! Fix the CitizenLink ... link.
It needs an "H" on the "TTP" part of HTTP.
Posted by fairly.unbalanced on April 28, 2012 at 1:39 PM
The Max7
Further evidence that the Center has shifted so far right that Truth has a liberal bias.
Posted by The Max on April 28, 2012 at 1:43 PM
And would someone tell FOXNews that grey text on a white background is very difficult to read?

Why not black on white? It doesn't cost any more.
Posted by fairly.unbalanced on April 28, 2012 at 1:47 PM
The Accidental Theologist10
An elegant takedown, Dan, beautifully done.
Posted by The Accidental Theologist http://accidentaltheologist.com on April 28, 2012 at 1:56 PM
I heart Dan so much. And those kids can run into the hall and go lalala with their finger in their ears all they want, but every single thing he said about the bible is absolutely true. And calling bullshit, bullshit is no crime.
Posted by Lissa on April 28, 2012 at 1:58 PM
Christians are willfully ignorant about their Bible - which was written by patriarchal desert bigots 2000 years ago. The Bible is full of hateful nonsense like...

-- how to beat your slave
-- that parents have a right & even a responsibility to *kill* their recalcitrant sons
-- that a woman who comes to marriage & is not a virgin *must* be stoned to death.

How can any reasonable, thinking person believe in this hateful nonsense, or use the Bible as any kind of guideline for life? According to Christian doctrine, the Bible is the holy word of God - all of it - so Christians are not allowed to pick & choose what to believe ...take it all - all of its bizarre proclamations & fairy tales - or take none of it.
Posted by blackhook on April 28, 2012 at 2:03 PM
Reverse Polarity13
Oh, come on. Please stop with the gnashing of teeth over the language. Yes, Dan swears. Deal with it. I've heard worse language from 3rd graders before.
Posted by Reverse Polarity on April 28, 2012 at 2:06 PM
David Schmader15
13: Whose teeth be gnashing?
Posted by David Schmader on April 28, 2012 at 2:14 PM
There was a lot more cheering than there was walking out. Those kids loved to hear what he said.
Posted by sarah70 on April 28, 2012 at 2:14 PM
Catalina Vel-DuRay17
And the thing to remember about the pious walker-outers is that probably a third of them are doing it because their friends are doing it. Another third will get out in the world and discover that religion is a crock - or at least discover that the Bible is a really rotten life guide.

It's that last third you have to feel sorry for - especially the girls in that group. They'll marry some bore like Seattleblahs and throw their life away trying to make him feel like a man because that's what the Bible says to do.

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